RMToolkit for SP

Retention Done Right for In-Place Records Management

for Use with SharePoint 2010/13

Why we built the records management RM Toolkit

The RM Toolkit has been created to manage the lifecycle of records from cradle to grave in a much more efficient and effective way than does SharePoint on its own.

TRAC developed the RM Toolkit because when an information management policy is applied to In Place records, SharePoint creates a task for each document to be deleted. For example, if your organization processes 25,000 accounts payable a year, you would end up clicking the mouse 25,000 times.

 What is the RM Toolkit

The RM Toolkit consists of features and functions that are added either globally or selectively to site collections in SharePoint to manage in-place records management.  It leverages SharePoint by adding to the information management policies functionality to:

  • Select an expiry date to be added later for example an employee’s document will become records over time at one point in time ther will be a need to add a termination date and initiate the retention process
  • Select RM Toolkit two-step workflow:
        1. one to approve the deletion or archiving of the records
        2. a subsequent to perform the deletion or archiving
  • Allow business manager to review records ready for deletion or transfer to an archives and identify records to be retained
  • Allow records manager to initiate the deletion or transfer
  • All records manager to create certificates

RM Toolkit Provides Flexibility

You can:

  • Create the site where the lists will reside
  • Identify the sites where the RM Toolkit will be applied
  • Create the library to house the certificates
  • Map fields to appear on the certificates:
  • Map your file classification system number to the RM Toolkit taxonomy field
  • Map two additional fields to the RM Toolkit fields


RM Toolkit is Affordable

Click here to see a presentation and download a datasheet



Note: If your organization is subject to DoD 5015.2 Certification, this is not the product for you.