File Classification System

Want to Know How to Organize Your Information?

It could be that you need a Functional File Classification System

We, Marcel Roy and Patricia Beelby, are two experienced records and information management who have written an ebook divulging the actual methodologywe have been using in ourrecords management practice for over 20 years.

Now using our proven methodologies, you can develop your own functional file classification system and save your organization hundreds, if not thousands of dollars in consultant costs alone.

Didn’t think it was possible? Just follow the step-by-step instructions using the worksheets provided. If you get stuck, email us.

Plus your satisfaction is guaranteed! You have 60 days from the date of purchase to request a refund.

“The ebooks Pat and Marcel produced are valuable tools for people responsible for records management in businesses big and small.  The file classification system workbook unlocks the front door to effective records management.  The retention schedule workbook closes the back door firmly and fairly.  The straightforward language makes the skills accessible to a wide range of readers.  The step by step instructions de-mystify the topic areas.  With these tools, business people in any jurisdiction will be able to make better use of their legal budgets.  They can do more for themselves in designing systems that comply with ongoing legal records requirements, and reduce their costs in the event of litigation.”


Barrister & Solicitor, Mediator


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There is also a companion e-book, DIY Records Retention Workbook (RR). This leads you step-by-step through developing a records retention and disposition schedule for your organization.Seriously consider buying this now so you can do the research for retnetions schedule when researching records that you should be creating.



It’s a function-based approach to organizing information that anchors information and records classification firmly in business processes and activities.






Why should an Organization have a Functional File Classification System?

  • Create and capture the right records based on business processes
  • Faster access to information because it is an intuitive system
  • Easier to apply a records retention schedule as it is easier to segregate the records for disposal
  • Survive an organizational and program changes with records in tact
  • Ensure the right records are being created

This DIY workbook is unique because it focuses less on theory and more on how to roll-up your sleeves and get the job done. To hire consultants can be very costly. This way you call on the authors as you need them and maybe you won’t need them at all!

Developing a Functional File Classification System can seem like a challenge but this workbook is about step-by-step instruction with support from the authors. Additional consulting hours can always be purchased from the authors. The main thing is that you are doing what you can to keep down the cost of producing the file plan.